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Thread: Win 2k Incompatibility Issues

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    Angry Win 2k Incompatibility Issues

    I am very pissed that I finally got WIN2k and now my Norton System works 2000 (of all versions) doesn't work in Windows 2000. (isn't there something wrong with that?) Anyways, I absolutley LOVE! win2k. Stability And Speed are GREAT! But I'm having other issues besides norton(which includes Norton Anti-Virus, Which was paid good money for) My USB camera wont' work. I am still looking into updated drivers for it and there are other misc. Problems with incompatibility all over the place, Basicly all I can use is AIM, mIRC, AOL, JUNO and other basic things. But nothing extensive. I NEED HELP!

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    Go to and download the compatibility update.

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    Be sure to use ie 6, it has support that allows the updating of drivers via windowsupdate

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    Faust: IE 6 doesn't have 'support that allows the updating of drivers'. I think you are referring to the Tools --> Windows Update option in the menu-bar. The only thing it does is direct you to , where you can update your Windows system, not your drivers...

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    Post about win2000

    so you have update your windows 98 to 2000 without making a format to your computer this why norton wont works
    you have to reinstall norton 2000.

    About your USB ports dont try anything it will not work
    i assure you .win2000 doesnt recognize any hardware made before 3 years (in 1997 >>>>>>>.)

    so i wish you good luck you with your windows

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