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Thread: Good Idea....

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    Good Idea....

    Hey JP, good topic........Newbies....Step up to the plate......

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    im learning a lot here... thanks...

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    what? I missed something... oh well
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    I first came to this site for internet security help. Since then I have found many posts to be very helpful and my interests have expanded. Thanks to all for your helpful posts, your patience with us newbies. This is an excellent idea.

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    cool stuff~~

    hope every newbies become experts~~ work together
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    tho it may say Addict below my name with the rate of development on the web and in computers in general I shall forever be a newbie - it is immposible to learn it all but I'll be damned if I ain't going to give it my best shot hehe


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    I came to this site to be a part of something that didn't have to do with sports, or happiness. I came here expecting to learn about computers and know that if I was feeling depressed, that people would not shy away from me, but instead try to help in any way they saw fit... I have also met people from around the world who until I came here, had no idea even existed.

    That's why I came...:sniff:
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