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    has anyone else noticed how many people around here say "I'm a computer genius. I hack people with bo2k and netbus. Sub7 is awesome!"? Don't mean to be an ******* about it, just curious as to why so many people like that showed up at antionline....

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    Like I said, I think it's just seasonal. Times of the moon or something... actually, new idea...

    I think it's because of the WTC attack. (Yes, and the pentagon.) A lot of otherwise-pretty clueless people are feeling like they should do their Civic Duty (<--excuse for juvenile behavior) and can now do illegal things to people in other countries without being extradited.

    Of course, they're still clueless, and are still missing their targets entirely, because Afghanistan (IF they were involved in a bad way) isn't that intenet-dependently-1st-world, from what I hear.

    "Hey! Lets hack a site in the UK belonging to Anti-terrorist teams to get Afghanistan back for something that they are only suspected and not proven of doing!"
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    ya ive noticed more and more of the so called hackers are showing up its to bad when these jokers toot their own horns im not a hacker nor do i want to be i have much better things to do then hack or crack someone elses computer remember the old saying do unto others as you would have them do unto you
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