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Thread: Security Specialists: Volation

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    Yes, but being beyond belief paranoid and "conspiracy theory" oriented isn't healthy either. Being extremely paranoid results in assumptions about things that aren't there. That something that is normal traffic is perceived as an attack. (aka False Postive).

    Perhaps its better to say be viligent and if you are going to test scripts do it on non-important machines, ones that are ok to sacrifice.

    Some viligence is required but there has to be an element of trust. I know that given our current climate and the effects of Sept 11th have changed that but in order for society to exist we need some element of trust.

    You log on here. You trust them not to give out your personal information. You trust that they won't connect back to your computer and do malicious things. How do we know they don't? Officially, I can say I don't but I trust the owner, JP, because of the reputation he has earned. I trust JP that if he sends me a file to open it because it comes from a trusted source.

    Jparker made the mistake of trusting someone who comes off as an "authority" and as "trustworthy". He also made the mistake of not checking beforehand and of using the code on a machine that had some importance to him. He needs to be more viligent about the code.

    Be viligent when using code and tools. Be aware but not paranoid.

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    Do you guys read the security announcements?

    If you guys would have read the secrity announcements on antionlines homepage this discussion would not be taking place because it was not her fault, she was hacked and this was distributed by the hacker, I am not sticking up for her but no one is perfect, and why are you testing exploit code somewhere besides a "forensics machine" as i like to call it.

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    trust is a luxury on the internet. Sure a paranoid person may have tons of false alarms but at least we are never caught off gaurd.

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    Re: Do you guys read the security announcements?

    Originally posted by darqw1nd
    If you guys would have read the secrity announcements on antionlines homepage this discussion would not be taking place

    Darkwind, this thread started three days before the news came out on the page.

    This thread started:
    09-20-2001 08:35 AM

    'Happy Hacker' Drops a Bomb on Security Experts:
    09-23-2001 08:59 PM
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