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Thread: Hi guys, please help me upload files to my domain

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    Hi guys, please help me upload files to my domain

    Hi all,
    Please help me how to upload files into my domain.
    I recently have a free domain ( ). I tried to use cuteftp to upload my files to there, but I don't know how to do. It is because the host wizard asks me the password and username, but I don't know which to use.
    Thanks very much in advance. Your help is very appreciated.

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    hey have u realize that is not a free web hosting site , but a rediretion provider??? thats why u cant upload
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    u can login first, n go to ur cntrl panel,
    and find if there are a tool to upload ur file

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    Well have you thought about, maybe just asking you host to do that, and not worry about it yourself, you really don't even need to do it yourself, jsut go to the host and ask them to do it for your are ask to do it your self.
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