Ok, I've searched the net for this one, can't find any books either, so I'm calling on all the security gurus who visit this board and asked to be blessed with their 1337 skills.... enough ego boost on with the question.

I have a CCI Concurrent 3.06 R8 installed for a 7 user console license. I have already setup the security dial up accounts and permissions. It has a 3-com ethernet card installed for MCC access. I already know about the patch that was issued by Novell to fix the takeover console security hole. That is already been patched. I'm trying to make sure that the seperate consoles can not do a takeover mode of the first 4 consoles because they belong to the OS. I remember hearing about opening up a certain file in the hex editor and changing a few bits to prevent this from happening (maybe it sets take over mode for only consoles 5,6, and 7 ??) Anyway, was wondering if anyone knew exactly how to do this or had a link to visit with this information. Your help will be greatly appreciated.