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Thread: script kiddies

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    script kiddies

    Just like to get peoples opinions on this one:

    Ive been looking a lot a different forums and i see very often
    people calling people script kiddies.I was just wondering where ye would consider the line is drawn between someone who is and is not a script kiddie?

    Hear are a few possibilities of what could be considered a script kiddie :

    1. A person who considers himself a hacker but doesnt have a clue about programming,linux and his greatest feat to date was to get BO2k to work against his friend.

    2. A person who calls himself a hacker,has advanced beyond trojans installed linux but still uses other peoples exploits,scanners,log cleaners etc.

    3. A person who calls himself a hacker,knows relatively a good bit of programming and can understand how 50% of the programs he uses work but is still nowhere near being able to write an exploit for a newly released vulnerability.

    4. A person who calls himself a hacker,can program in many languages and has a deep understanding of vulnerabilities and can code his own exploits.

    These are only some suggestions.Please feel free to add points to this list.

    Is point 4 the only person who isnt a script kiddie?
    If so I would suggest , but maybe im understimating you that maybe 90% of people who read this are script kiddies.

    maybe not?

    Im going to the pub now for a Guinness ill be interested to hear from you all on this one

    p.s. no offence is intended in this post just curiosity

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    Well the "line" will always be argued, but I think you should include a hacker as being verse in both software and hardware. Does a person who knows how to write a program to use an exploit know how to manually change the memory IO address or IRQ of a card device? Does he know the difference between a RAID 5 SCSI array and a RAID 1 IDE primary/mirror drive configuration? Does a hacker know how to wipe out a BIOS password from a PC? Do they know the difference between SDRAM and DDR RAM?

    I'm not trying to pick on anyone, but I know some friends who are very good at coding just about anything, but when their sound card quits working (card dies, shorts, wrong plug, IRQ conflict, etc) they are clueless as to where to start

    I think a hacker could take a PC locked down both by OS and BIOS and still overcome them. What good is a software exploit if you can't even get pass the BIOS password?

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    Script Kiddie - Well since I am a self proclaimed "Hacker" I mean, I still at times depend on progs when I get tired of doing stupid shizznittle, Like is pretty much always. Hacking isn't something specific, It's a catagory, And since it is, Script Kiddie still fits within it.....But it's really hard to really define. I mean I know some of everything, I'm not really an expert in any field....
    Well I think by now I'm getting off topic.....But Script Kiddie basicly is someone who totally depends on progs and knows no programming, nor has any knowledge of security in depth. I mean everyone could have there own idea, There is no right answer. Notice I didn't say that there was so wrong answer.............(Hint:There are wrong answers)

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    script kiddies

    I would say that you are no longer a script kiddie when other people stop calling you a script kiddie. Being unable to code an exploit should have nothing to do with it. Please, if you know of every exploit that exists, and can code every exploit that exists, speak up now....

    No one?

    My point there is that they may not be able to code the exploit due to lack of understanding of the OS. Their coding skills may be up to par, but their other skills may be lagging. I think I'll redefine my idea of a script kiddie:

    Script Kiddie: One who thinks it is cool to use, or thinks he's l33t because he uses other people's programs. (i.e. D00d! I t0t411y 0wn3d d4t s3rv3r with my IIS script. Ph33r!)

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    Hey, do the letters FO mean anything to you all. I'm a script kiddie. LMAO

    I have written a few of my own scripts over the years but when I can use a quality script that was written by someone else, I will.

    Before you flame my ass to a crispy red, hear me out.

    For just a moment, I want you to leave your body (and your mind) behind. Forget everything you know. Open your mind and consider a totally objective viewpoint. (Some of you can leave at this point)

    Computers are my passion, not my business.

    I own a non-computer related company that keeps me busy 10-12 hours every day (for almost 20 years). I simply do not have the time to write my own script for every task I wish to accomplish.

    To those of you that work in puter related fields let me say this, "I envy you". You spend the entire day, and more, doing what I can only dream about. All day resolving puter problems and finding new shortcuts and better ways. You learn so much every day. Damn, I envy you.

    I spend every spare moment on the puter. Reading, learning and enjoying the one passion in my life.

    But, if I needed access to someone elses puter, you can bet that I would send them one of the many available trojans, just like a script kiddie would. Simply put. It's easy, and it works. (Probably better than anything that I could write even IF I did have the time.)

    One of the games I enjoy involves smart card technology. There are many scripts available in that area that automate many of the mudain and repetitive tasks. (e.g. USW Updates)

    The authors of these scripts provide well documented scripts for the purpose of teaching the user exactly what is happening during the execution. Not so much so they will learn to write their own. More, to simply teach them WHY it happens.

    I flatter these authors by using their scripts. They wrote them for me. I use them, I learn from them and they save me time.

    Would I write my own programs if I had the time? Shiiiiiit, I'd never sleep. I would write my own OS. I would call it KapperDogOS. Probably wouldn't work for **** but, damn, I would have a ****ing ball.

    Anyway, enough rant.

    Simply put...........

    Am I a script kiddie? Yes! And I'm proud.

    Does this mean, I have to leave?

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    KapperDog: I envy you for taking a stand. . . Im not a hacker, im not even a script kiddie. Im just some stupid college kid who wants to learn as much as he can. I go to college full time, and I have a full time job doing airport security. I have no time to actually "learn" anything else than what im taking in college. Yes, my major is in the computer field, but im not learning the stuff that I want to learn about. Like network security, "hacking", etc.
    I am currently enrolled in a Network + class which I find very interesting. Im sorry that Im just rambeling on. . . . I dont think they would really make you leave because you are a 'script kiddie'. But if they do, I will be right behind you.

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    just back from the pub pisssed of my head but what i have read so far is encouraging.It proves to me that people dont always think they are 3lit3 (dont know if that is proper hacker language but dont care).

    Basixcally everybody heer is in this place for one reason to learn an eventually to know as much as everybody else.
    The real script kiddies are those who want everything on a silver plate.

    Talk 2 u more when im sober and ill come up with a better theory.
    love from ireland. dave kennedy

    p.s. just dont everyone get ****ing all full of **** like i see around the place
    quotemy slackware is better than your debian) makes me sick

    good luck and we probably are all script kiddies by most standards.

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