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Thread: Ram Meter for win2k

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    Ram Meter for win2k

    I found a good RAM manager/Meter for win 95/98 called RAM IDLE, it kicked so much ass...But now I can't find a version for win2k...Can anyone help me find a good one for win2k?

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    Ram meter for win 2K

    Doesn't the task manager show memory usage?

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    I know that the task manager shows a ram meter, but the program that i had B4 that doesn' work with win2k, Had a setting that would free up a certain ammount of RAM when it got down to a certain level. It was an awsome prog....(RAMIDLE)was the onlything keeping win98se running at all

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    I heard somewhere that RamBoosters actually use quite a bit of ram, thus slowing down your sytem. Do you think thats actually true?

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    Well from the experience i've had with them, most of them do. But RAMIDLE is the only one i've used that doesn't......I just wish so bad that they had a version thats usable in win2k, I'm thinking of moving back to win98se uness i decide to try to use Mandrake 8 on this machine

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