Hi guys and gals . I am new here and i am hoping to learn. The reason I have come here is because I am constantly under attack. This is on a home computer with no essential info on it, so the reason why eludes me.

About a month back I started finding all kind of viruses on my comp and some strange things happening, mostly to my daughter on her MSN accounts. I ended up formatting my C: drive and installing Windows 2000. After reloading everything (it was a long night) and going back on the net. I went to reboot and found I could not. upon reloading Windows I found that my C: drive was renamed to the D: drive and vis versa.

I finally smartend up and down loaded a firewall, however; ever since he/she has been trying to send me a few different backdoor server programs to take control, my firewall seems to be working. The thing is that every time it is a different IP address that comes up, someone suggested that this person is using some kind of masking. I am using DSL which I believe uses dynamic IP's

I need to teach this guy a lesson, either a program that will zap back every time he tries to attack me or a way to get his real IP and play the same game with him. I would normally not partake in hacking but at this point I am feeling harrased.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.