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Thread: Java and Visual Basic - Help

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    Question Java and Visual Basic - Help


    I'm a grade 11 student in Canada, and am looking for a good place to start learning either visual basic or java. Java shows up for me in first year university, but I have to learn VB later this year. I'd appreciate any directions to decent sites that explain how to use either language, or a place to get ahold of a copy of VB for non-commercial use.

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    in this site you can learn vb

    i started my programming life with c++ and then vb6 and now planing to go back to vc++ and java

    vb is easy and by using it you will start hating hard programming like c++ and java

    but its good to start with it

    my suggestion is if you like to get deep into programming for the sake of learning progromming go for java or c++

    but if you want the easy programming and then you want to go to hard slowly slowly go for vb first

    this is what i know

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    Hey Ammar,

    Didn't catch the site URL - first time I've posted something here so it's probably just that I missed it. Also, my first programming language was turing and right now I'm looking for something a little more dynamic and flexible. Which is better for that?

    -"Everyone needs to believe in something. I believe I'll have another drink." - Murphy's Law

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    Anyone remember BASICA on thier nice new tandy 1000s they got for Xmas in 1988? THOSE were the days, the days when you remember you were only 6 and could actually write a simple little program to move a stupid ASCII charactor 2 around a screen....God Bless those days!

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    I'd definately recommend learning Java, especially over VB (I'm not sure why anyone even bothers with VB anymore)

    A great book is O'reilly and Associates Learning java, you should pick this up sometime ( is a good place to get it from)

    Also visit and take a look around there

    When you're done that, check out and you'll be on your way.

    Hope that helps

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