At first i would like to apologize, because my english is not good.
I am living in small country named Slovenia(only 2.000.000 people).

I am a programer in one of ours bank. I am writing programs in Assembler, Cobol, Delphi and Visual Basic.
I work with VMS host's(s390), AIX (alpha) and I also a know a lot of PC's, because i have 17 years experience on them (i started with Sinclair's ZX81 in year 1984).

My configuration of home PC is:
old dual xeon 450 with 2Mb cache each
1Gb ram
96Gb of scsi (3x 32Gb WDC)
Wildcat 4000 graphic card
CD 32x Teac scsi
CDR 6x/24x Teac scsi
noname sound card
ISDN TA -128k- (always on - 24 hours per day)