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Thread: the newbies and the haters

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    thanx for that very informatic topic.
    it havent had to be said again, cause every newbie (like me) who asks a stupid question about how to hack in hotmail gets launched into the ground by countless people, all saying pretty much the same.
    all not giving any help all not talking about the subject anymore.

    I think the replies on such newbie mail , butis good I also think you must let them do it one time, cause they will defenitely learn from that and never do it again.

    I wrote such a topic about that I wanted to hack the school site
    but I dident want to misbuse or destroy anything, it was really a check up and a joke with my teacher (who created the site). but I guess I should have told you that. maybe then the replies werent so harsh.

    but to get back at your mail, It really wasent necessary to say it. it sounds a bit aggresive.
    DONT read the message off such newbies then DONT reply to them.
    your only making your own problem

    can you blame them (the newbies) they think this is just another hackers/crackers forum thats why they are called newbies
    they just want to quickely learn something, when they dont get the answer they wanted they probebly wont come here again

    GOD invented evolution \'cause he couldn\'t do it all by himself.

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    the newbies and the haters

    I don't know what bothers me more
    the people that call them self H4ck0rz
    or the people that are allway bitching about them.

    I understand why people get mad at so called "script kiddies"
    but enough it enough all ready people.

    I come to antionline's BBS to learn something new.
    and all's what I hear is people asking how to hack hotmail.
    and then people calling them down.?

    this is driving me nuts ,
    let these "newbies" have the "newbie" forum
    and forget about them.
    there is no need to call them down its not going to do any good?

    I'm not a hacker
    nor am I a h4ck0r
    Iam just a geek looking to fill my brain
    and that is really hard to do wene.
    alls what there is to read is ,

    NEWBIE : I 0wnz jo0 , cuz 1m 1337
    Some one who has half a brain : you suck bla bla (long speech about the NEWBIE being a wanabe goes here)

    So YES script kid's are idoits
    so why are you all ways trying to explane to them something
    that they will never be able to grasp ?

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    Oh ya last thing this does not aply to every one
    but there are a lot of people that do this.

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    Like me. Just chalk it up to too much free time on my hands.

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    Thumbs up y33!

    Too much spare time!
    That's why we all sit here.
    It's atleast the origin of this thread.

    I haven't been a member for long, but I've been reading stuff here for a long time.

    I just have to get this out:

    y00 f0x0rZ n33dZ t4 l3rN d4t ENGLISH 14n6u4g3!

    It looks like my cat just walked across my keyboard.


    This sort of thread gives me the giggles...
    Bitching about people bitching. nice.

    y00 n33dz t4 b3 l33t t4 h4v3 n|c3 ph33t!

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