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Thread: exploit?

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    Post exploit?

    what type of virus is
    a js.exception.exploit
    i found this on my virus scanner

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    Exploit ?

    It means that your antivirus scanner has detected malicious code in javascript. It's primary aim is probably to abuse you or trick you into giving informations or execute code on your system.

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    i don't know this virus, but js.exception points to an javascript exception exploit...
    You should look in your virus database, which should be inlcuded in our prog for further information.

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    ' JS.Exception.Exploit is an exploit which allows unpatched systems to run arbitrary code if a Java applet that was programmed to take advantage of the exploit is allowed to run. In many cases, the applet may perform simple actions, such as changing your Internet Explorer home page. It can also be programmed to run code to perform a mass mailing. '

    information given somewhere on

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