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Thread: Help on DNS

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    Help on DNS

    I'm having a problems configuring the net acess over RED HAT , seems to be a problem with the DNS but i've already insert them on the /etc/resolv.conf , at the beginning getting through on the netscape is said that he was having problems with the SOcks then after i insert the DNS of the ISP he couldnt open the netscape or any other internet program .
    Theres is an option that says something like this "Disable DNS server ....." should this one be pressed or not????
    the desktop is KDE.
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    Ok ...

    So, maybe you can post here your /etc/resolv.conf

    It should look like

    search <your-domain-name>
    nameserver <IP of your first nameserver>

    If you try a nslookup <some-name>, what does it say to you ?


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    ask the host to fix it for,
    Sometimes, they come back.
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