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Thread: file sharing

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    Question file sharing


    does anyone know a good software or a way for sharing file
    between a macintosh and windows 98 in a network ?????
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    Arrow Oups

    i gotta get used to use this board

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    tha dependes now doesnit if oyu want to set the pc as the server their is a program
    called pcmaclan
    if yo u want the mac to be the server then their is a program called dave
    hope that helps

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    I used a small program called Dave - It set up network printers
    and was able to transfer any file back and forth with real ease.
    It was extremely simple to set up and allowed us to do anything
    a regular windows network would. No server - just peer to peer.

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    Lightbulb about dave

    i never know about dave some 1 can tell me where can i get hmm the dave . ..

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    Dave's Bio....

    It has everything you wanted to know about Dave - plus
    links to Thursby Software Systems. Its a free download
    for OS 10.0.4. Plus, you only have to install it on your mac
    system so ya don't have to convince all us bitchy windows
    users to install it on our systems )

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    If you have a Windows NT server with in the network you can use the client service for Macintosh. Then share a folder to be accessed by both OS's.

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