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Thread: file sharing

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    Question file sharing


    does anyone know a good software or a way for sharing file
    between a macintosh and windows 98 in a network ?????
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    There are 2 that I know of:
    Dave from Thursby, and the other I am not familiar with.
    I am speaking about MacOS <=9.2.1

    For MacOSX there is a Samba front-end, but I can't think of its name.

    I have used Dave, it is a neat program, it even shows hidden fileshares on a network. All of them are rather expsive though, well, except for Samba.

    There is a time limited demo available on the Thursby site.

    I would recommend to further you search .

    Oh, and if you run WinNT/Win2k, there are AFP plugins that you could run, but I know almost nothing about those.

    And ofcourse, there is FTP, if you want to go that route.


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    All I gotta say is AppleShare IP baby.

    Its the way to go...
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    i use

    me again i use wincomander32 for that kind of things so if its helpdoul try it


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