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Thread: Securing IE

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    Securing IE

    What seems to be the most important security issue overall? (besides stupid users that is ) Bad settings. Terrible settings. I cant understand why default settings on almost EVERY program are insecure. Like IE / OE for instance.

    Here is my receipe for securing them up for good... suggestions, comments? The point is that you secure your "Internet Zone" very tight and then just add sites your really trust to your "Trusted sites" and thats it...
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    Talking Oh yes....take a look at THIS

    Originally posted by Negative
    The same thing but much more simple to do and kills the entire NetBIOS (until you need it again).
    To kill the Index.dat files and other history markings from your computer...
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    You've summed it all up with your "stupid users" comment. In my opinion most security lapses occur through ignorance. Wether it be a lack of trainning or understanding. Companies spend alot of money (check out the thread on the front page about security being a billion dallor a year industry!) to protect them from the outside world when the majority of attacks come from the inside. You can have the best firewall in the world but if an employee double clicks some dodgy email...adios amigo!

    Basic rule of thumb- use a firewall (I recommend Tiny) and keep your antivirus software up to date, and obviously , dont open suspect emails...It's that simple really.............

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