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    PIX Question ...

    Hello all,

    A question to all PIX Gurus in here ...

    I got a PIX with three network connections : inside, outside, and remote clients.

    When one of my remote client want to access a particular server on the outside local network, I can see the SYN packet coming in, coming out to outside, SYN-ACK packet coming in ... and then the PIX saying : denied inbound connection (SYN-ACK : no connection).

    It seems that my first SYN just goes unnoticed.

    Any idea before I start shouting and screaming on that stupid box ?


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    Ok, finally I find the solution.

    I had that net connected to outside network, but one of my "static" statement point it to be on the inside net. So, the PIX didn't do anything with SYN.

    Having removed that "static", everything worked really fine.


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