I agree withe deadpaperplate the only way to learn something is manually. I just installed Red Hat 7.0 a couple of weeks ago because i could never get a straight answer out of anyone about which linux distro is best?? Everybody has their own opinion. Jparker changed my mind along with others to try Slack. So i have yet to install it, but will be doing so in the near future. As mentioned above most are the same from what I've been told.
You could install X from the get go and just have it not load at boot time then as you figure stuff out you could check it out in the automated process which is what I plan to do.
Greetz to Hogfly for hookin' me up with Slack 8.0 !!
ftp://sunsite.ualberta.ca for a decent download speed (min 40k/s)
of Slackware 8.0