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Thread: pls help...

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    Unhappy pls help...

    can anybody help me ....and tell me how can one start learning hacking ...i mean which can be the first lesson and are there any books on that.....which we can study and learn...this art...
    ....pls give me some websites....
    i willl be very grateful to u all..

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    Why is it that after Sep. 11th, it seems that more and more people want to learn how to "hack"? Im not trying to be rude, but if you want to learn to hack, you have to do most of the learning onyour own. Use some search engines such as , or , or They really aren't that hard to use. I will give you 1 link: There. Do the rest on your own.

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    Have another link

    Go here if you dare

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    My suggestion to be a good hacker is to have a good understanding of computer and operating systems.

    Learn basic commands in windows NT/2000.

    Check out this site (Antionline) a lot of neat tools can be found.

    Have fun and be careful.

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    Unhappy Script kiddie!!!

    Ok, like I have told the last few *cough* hmmmmm Idoits....... you cant learn, and secind of all you have to have a purpose, you cant sit down on a computer and say i want to hack. Hack into what? You also have to choose your legions....... youll find about that later...... if you are darkside or white coat (hat).... now im spitting stuff you dont know about, but the best advice i can give you is just read. oh yea........ 2 more things, dont brag about any thing that is the easiest way to get caught....... and dont tell anyone, well i guess you have already made one mistake........
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    My god. That was just so stupid it's making my head hurt. Negative, please go easy on him as he knows not what he does.

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    Smile LOL!

    People people! Hear what I say!

    Gentlemen! Start your FlameThrowers!

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