31 posts, 21 posts per day? Damn, you beat them all, Giovanni. Even Raditz, I guess.

Yo, yo, yo...your mothers are ho's
<kicks the ****ing door down>
Guess who's back!
Raditz? No, not Raditz... Raditz actually had something to say...
Hey John,...what drugs were you on when you decided to "upgrade" this site.
Looks like some spastic on acid drew this up.
Well, this could be Raditz, I guess... He wasn't too fond of the purple either... Why not get yourself a monochrome monitor?
Hey LOSER...come lick my shoes clean
Been there, done that... Not my cup of tea, though... Thanks anyway.
next time i'll get on your nerves again..and on your momma too. ok bitch?
Don't bother, my momma's not interested...
You spastic....so why do they have that on cyberarmy as a specific flaw. Twonk. The only BO i've ever been near is your mommas. My name is...my name is....my name is...Hanns Schmidt
My momma, my momma.... What's this with my momma? Can't get a girl of your own age? PS: Cyberarmy... You been chatting with that Eliza-bitch a little too often, I guess, if you even got that far...
My name is...my name is...my name is... who gives a ****....
John...your forum sucks donkey shlong
What the **** do YOU know about sucking donkey shlong?
HI...my name is JP..when redesigning this site...I was on heavy drugs. Not prescription drugs either.
Really? I got to get some of that stuff...
John, while the extra frilly features i.e icons etc are a good addition for the losers who use them......
Euh, the quoted thread you posted actually has an icon...
Someone take this doofus out my face before I bitch slap him, his mother and his entire trash licking , scummy family.
What's with other people's family, man? You don't have one of your own?
Excellent...where is your mother?..I want to congradulate the winner
And again...
So John added lots of frill but no quality.
We're on the forums here, it's not JP who has to add quality...It's people like you who should...Damn, why am I even bothering?
I agree there are more functions....but ****....I prefer having page loads faster, better colors etc etc than this boring monochrome ****
Oh, you already have a monochrome monitor...
Script kiddie?...the only script I read is the one your mother makes me read in our little sex games.
I wear a generals uniform and order her lick my boots.
My mother lets you know prices have changed...From monday on, it'll be 120$/hour in stead of the usual 105$...
Any of you bitches know how to stop a website from viewing your O.S and Browser?
Why not try ordering that website to lick your boots?
1. Terr, still an ******* huh?
Come on..you can tell uncle Hanns Schmidt.
2. Thats right bitch.
Hanns is back with a fresh attack
3. I just assumed one sentence posts were more suited to your eerr "intellect"
Euh, none of the first two were one sentence posts...
Shut your face, ignorant bitch
Talking of an Oedipus-complex... (I KNOW!, Neophyte, you don't have to remind me... )