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Thread: A pattern

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    A pattern

    I have noticed a pattern in Giovanni or Hanns or whatever the **** his name is posts. He asks a stupid question (or says something blatantly wrong about computers.). Gets proven wrong. Then he respondes with some lame ass flame attempts and avoids any kind of technical answer because he knows he's wrong. Anyone else notice this or is it just me?

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    Pretty close Dude!!!
    I guess he is trying to cause employment again???
    MOD's where are ya??

    Hmmm...April fool is still an April's Fool
    Stuck in the past Hanns?? GROW-UP

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    Just ignore it, don't get worked up about it. He's like a force of nature, embodied stupidity or something. You can't change his mind, he doesn't really pay attention to your replies, and he just wants attention. I used to have a problem with dumbasses on the net, but I realized that being pissed off for a few hours over a few posts wasn't really worth it, even if I did make replies of biting sarcasm. And even if he gives you a straight-line for some sort of comeback, don't bother, they're a dime a dozen.
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    fu*k 'im ... dont let him get on ur nerves...

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