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Thread: OS X Secure?

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    Question OS X Secure?

    Now that OS X 10.1 is out I suspect that the masses will be adopting it at a far greater rate than before.

    I will also be moving my entire network over to OS X from 9 in the coming months and would like to know if anyone's seen or heard anything about exploits in OS X. From what I've seen, as long as I leave FTP, telnet and HTTP services off, OS X is s fairly secure OS.

    Any care to weigh in with their thoughts?

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    My biggest security fear is netinfo.
    HTTP Shouldn't be that bad, so long as it is configured properly, because it is Apache. FTP and Telnet are always vulnerabilities. It is just netinfo that really scares me.
    Well, then all the different forms of connectivity too, I mean, AFP over Apple Talk, AFP over TCP/IP, windows file-sharing protocol, it is going to have every bell and whistle possible, because it is aimed at end-users. So I imagine that out of the box, it is going to be swiss cheeze, I expect a couple of weeks to learn what is on and what isn't, and then figuring out how to turn it off. Me and vi and a lot of different files in ./etc are going to have some large amounts of interaction.

    As excited as I am to switch over, it is a security nightmare to be switching over to an almost completely new OS (OS X beta - 10.0.4 were all just really betas in my mind).

    I still have to send out my order form and coupon to get 10.1. One of these days I will.


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