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Thread: Ports 31/41

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    Ports 31/41

    Does anyone know how to close ports 31 and 41? I went to and did there test and when my results came back it said that these ports had Hackparadise trojan horse, and deepthroat trojan. I need to close the ports and delete the trojans.

    Help would be greatly appreciated.

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    In my opinon, the best way to get rid of trojans is by hand,

    They have to be loaded somewhere, And it's usually the registry.
    Check this with regedit:


    it's probably in there.

    If you wanna find out what ports are open on your system, then open msdos and hit a "netstat -a -n"

    If you wanna narrow it down to **** like trojans and stupid windows networking crap, then I'd suggest closing all programs before you run netstat.

    You should run netstat -a -n and then kill anything suspicious in RUN, and the run netstat again, and see if the ports have closed.

    If your not into this stuff, then you could always download
    "The Cleaner, by MooSoft"
    But you should at least try to fix it yourself first.


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    Thanx for the help

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