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Thread: windows ME

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    XP is very expensive in my opinion for an Os.

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    Price is all relative, you ever have to buy a nt4 server license or terminal services client access licences for clusters that serve 1000's of people - now thats expensive.

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    I know the ME is off 98,
    and 2000 is off NT

    but besides that its the same OS
    same features
    driver signing
    and that really neat little shawdow under da mouse,

    and you dont have to be such a rude tuff guy

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    Angry Windows ME? KILL IT!!!

    I agree with you. I ran the beta version of Windows ME before it came out, and it rendered my computer totally unusable. That's unacceptible even for a beta version. Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) gave me illegal operation errors, and more often than not, it wouldn't come out of a screensaver. I couldn't leave my computer from fear that it would die while I was gone.
    If you want a good OS, get Windows 2000. Security and stability are great. It's even better than Windows XP (which I have also beta tested).

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    Angry You idiot!!!

    Originally posted by LegacyBoy


    WINME = Bastard child of WIN2000

    nuf said!


    If you don't know what you're talking about, don't say anything. Windows ME and Windows 2000 have almost nothing in common. They serve entirely different purposes.

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    Angry Dos prompt

    However thought of the way that the dos prompt is handled makes me want to PUKE

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    Originally posted by neel
    win 95 is very fast and you can rebuild it totally
    It's also extremely outdated. I would recommend Windows 2000 instead.

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    boo hoo

    ME is stellar for games and pics but nothing else.

    The 'show thumbnails' concept is second only to the fact that ME treats zip files as almost normal directories. That is really cool considering how much time you save. I have had the BSOD only about a dozen times in the last ten months. That must be a world record!

    format /s grrrrrr. how could they do that! those bastards!

    for years I have debugged computers using boot disks and now suddenly they take the priveledge of doing it automatically away from me! #@$#%$

    calm down...Ahh okay you still can make boot disks on a winME only system but they are crap. I suggest keeping that old 486DX that you have lying around in working order with 6.22 on it.
    Tsk Tsk that \'vB Code is ON\' is really tempting me.. No bad prof.! BAD!

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    winMe = why the hell did i buy this crap
    Good question. Save up and get yourself a bicycle or maybe a dvd player. Dont buy windows me.
    Wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.
    --Ecclesiastes 10:19

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    Re: new information about WinMe

    Seems like everyone who has had any exeprience with WinMe has known it is a piece O' [insert swear word] for well over a year now.

    WinMe = Win98SE with new dress, confusing similarity to Win2000 in menu navigation, and some bugs they had forgotten to put in Win98.
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