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Thread: Win 9x screen saver passwords

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    Would that not just stop I/O to the opened command interpreter? i'm only theorizing here as i haven't tried it

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    If there was any text on the screen, then people would notice that somthing was goin on.
    I think that a dos prompt in Radio Shack would be the most incriminating thing ever.
    I normally turn off the monitor as well. The fact that the screen is black is just so that if they
    turn the monitor on, then it wont say **** like 2 files copied.
    let them have their keyboard,

    The program is set to crash the computer when completed.
    It runs wildly out of it's memory range.
    That way it might seem like the computer crashed for one reason or another.
    Don't know why you'd want more then that.

    The disk was set up to copy *.pwl as well, and the new folder was the current date/ time, so that you could use it over without overwriting your files.


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    Oh, and petemcevoy was right when he said that it would only stop output to the command line. Seeing as though Ctrl-Alt-Del is normally caught by the bios, it will still cause a re-boot after a ctty nul


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