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    Well just got my gruby little hands on final release copy of win XP havn't really looked to hard at it. can any1 gimmie any specs?? All I have found so far is that they have once again made a mind boggoling GUI that I can't for the life of me find anything....
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    Well, i must say i hate micro$ofts windowz as all normal people do, i am using linux (rh) for many years and i'm happy with it.
    BUT, a month ago a friend of mine showed me the final version of XP thats running on his pc, and i must admit, this time the little SOB is running quit well, doesn't crash each 4.5 minutes and the progs (that works) run smoothly.

    the BIG minus is that XP doesn't support backwords (games,etc....) and M$ is bullshitting again about compatibility.MANY games just doean't work.

    i cannot beleive that I , a linux fan/user , is writing some good words about window$ , but those losers at M$ did a nice job this time.

    but still,its a loooong loooong way between them and linux

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    I better hope so. Suppose MS starts writing like you do. Djeez, is Europe the only part of the world where people learn to spell correctly?
    How is it possible that you can even enter commands?
    Do you really type lz when you want a dir?

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    Not really what I asked, but to clear some things up, I am at heart a linux user I have been running a small network of linux box's for a while now but I have always had a MS box mainly gor gaming purposes I just wanted to know about any upgrades ports and protection. mainly cause I don't wanna have to use my brain and find them my self. Oh if only I wasn't lazy.
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    Did you get the Home user or the Professional? The Pro will auto-detect any new computers on a network and set them active as well as set up your DHCP server. Both versions have built in sytem recovery as well as hot-swappable hard drive capabilities. XP also uses more than 256 MB of RAM without a glitch whereas Win 9x had trouble with it unless you were using super memory intensive apps i.e. AutoCAD. XP is a true 32-bit OS all the way through which means it runs your apps in a continual loop and just adds new ones in at their own designated point, which means a lot of programs can be installed without re-starting every five minutes. If you don't like the look you can change the GUI to looks like classic Win as well as the Start bar. It comes with built in CD-R software as well as a free $300 Adobe picture viewer (the viewer is a filter for Adobe Photoshop which has to be bought seperatley). Windows Media Player 8.0 also comes built is as well as IE 6. The most current version of Media Player for 9x is 7.1 so the difference is noticable using XP. It has built in drivers for every piece of hardware I have put in it so far. nVidia ( has already released their XP Detonator drivers. If XP doesn't have a driver for it just install the most current Win 2000 driver and it works like a charm. As far as games go I haven't had a problem with any that I currently have installed (Heroes III, Unreal Tournament, Blade of Darkness) it ran them as smooth as silk. Make sure your hardware is up to date though as min requirements are a 400 mhz processor and 128 MB of RAM.
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    XP vs. Linux

    Linux is hands down the winner in this one,
    but you have to admit windows is moving towards Linux a whole lot, it will take a while before they actualy reach the point where they will be accepted by linux users, but it could happen

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    XP isnt that bad at all compared to Microsoft's last few OS's. Maybe putting Bill back in Software development did some good.


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    I just want to add that WinXPPro Control Panel works as 98 if you want to and also that u can adjsut programs to work as any of the previous Wins in case it wont work with XP.
    Also i can assure u it works in a the one i still have!!
    Good luck
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