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Thread: win2k inherits winxp

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    Question win2k inherits winxp

    so, is win2k really going to "inherit" winxp's Windows Product Activation stuffs? are there any developed cracks for winxp already? i'd like to get some more indept discussions on this matter.
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    from what i've heard XP is just a way of putting an NT OS on the average persons PC, instead of splitting it up into 9x and NT, XP has a bit of both

    I havent personally used it but i know some people who have and thats what i hear from them.

    also im sure if you search enough you will probably find a few exploit, the beta has been out for a bit and people probably found some things, if it wasnt already reported to MS and changed.

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    Win2k won't "inherit" Xp's product activation, how could it? Microsoft would have to change the program thats on the end users pc. Pretty soon though, microsoft will stop shipping w2k completely, and the onus will be entirely on XP.

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    XP is a true 32-bit OS. For Win2K to inherit the same activation that XP has they would have to completely re-build it. XP isn't as bad as eveyone is making it out to be though. If you get the XP Professional version it runs a hell of a lot better and more stable than 2K ever did. Even the home user version incorporates 2K features, such as not having to re-start after every software update you do. The amout of features that XP gives as a server is awesome. I was hooking up a server loaded with XP Pro and as I was plugging in the connection for the other computers on the network into the hub XP detected the new connections and asked me if I wanted to make them active as well as set up my DHCP server for me. XP thinking for itself can bite you in the ass though, sometimes it does stuff that you don't want it to and it can take some serious time to re-set things back the way you had them.
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