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    Post Need Info Can U Help????

    ok i am currently using zonealarm (the full retail version) and i think it's great but lately i have been getting a lot of alearts i mean alot 100 or more a day most are just crap but there are four that have been bothering me

    1-tcp port 27374
    2-udp port 68
    3-tcp port 1234
    4-udp port5632

    if anyone can get back with me about these that would be great just need some info what they are used for

    and sorry for that i fuxed up
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    TCP port 27374 is frequently set as the listening port for sub7. As for TCP 1234, did you mean 1243? Older versions of the sub7 server listen on that one. Sorry, but I'm not much help on the others. I'll bet someone else here has some useful info, though.
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    Smile thank you

    thank you for the info and yes im sorry it was tcp port 1243

    and if anyone else can help im here tks
    Life is like a **** sandwich,
    The more bread u have the less **** u have to eat

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    port 68 is used by the dhcp client, which is the protocol you use to grap an ip address from your isp, if you want to continue grabbing ip addresses i'd leave it open.
    Port 5632 is generally reserved for pc anywhere, are you using it?
    The other 2, as gautama said, are more than likely to be trojans like sub 7 or maybe some variant - get an up to date virus scanner running on your machine or use a trojan scanner - i've heard people mention tauscan so maybe you could try it - personally if i thought i'd been infected by a trojan i'd reformat and reinstall - just to be on the safe side.

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    udp port 5632 - used by PCanywhere.
    its a remote controller again.

    for more info -

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    Talking thank u

    i just want to say thank u for all the help i have been given
    Life is like a **** sandwich,
    The more bread u have the less **** u have to eat

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