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    Question aenima

    does anyone have a help file for aenima of any sort so i can just sendone mesage to one person

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    ghost mail works better for single messages plus u can add pics or files GM51 is the newer one i think
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    what server though

    i'v got ghostmail but the problem is that I have no idea of what to put in the server area and when i put anything in it says that the mail has been sent!! does any one know a good server that i could put in the server box (duh!)

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    if it is to hotmail

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    shouldn't think that'll work, you need the address of a mail server that will allow you to relay mail, not as common as it once was - universitys/colleges are probably your best bet.

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    say ur addy is
    u set the smtp server as
    i know it works tested alot don't know yahoo though i can find it if u need it. i think it is

    bombing ppl is kinda lame and remember when u use aenima
    ur ip shows up

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