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Thread: Operating Systems

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    Operating Systems

    What in your humble opinion is the greatest OS ever created and more importantly why?

    1-Linux RedHat
    3-Windows 98/MS-DOS

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    Linux RedHat
    Reason: Because!

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    Windows 98/MS-DOS

    even i can use it

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    Mac OS - Not only is it easy to use (as in why most schools have it) but its pretty secure and easy to lockdown.
    Oh yea, its pretty stable too

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    If we didn't have that ugly dos command prompt, no one would have been motivated to make an OS that was graphically driven. How many years did we have (mainstream) command line based computers? 20 years maybe? I got sick of those in my early years, was glad to move to something that had pretty graphics and that box thing they called a mouse

    Easy to use? Ha

    Secure? Well if you don't know the commands, I guess so

    Compatible? Well it runs on just about anything, only consisted of about 1 file to translate commands and a few hidden files to work with the IBM compatible machines. It would fit on a 160K floppy disk

    Is it the greatest? Well only for a few decades, then it got old really quick

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    Ah yes DOS

    Yeah I agree DOS is an extremely good OS. Where would we be without it?

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    My next would be Linux Red Hat 7.1/ Mandrake 6.5

    They are more stable and secure. Mac is not compatible with anything. Linux and windows can talk to anything

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    Talking linux

    1: linux redhat

    2: linux mandrake

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    Are you guys on crack?

    1. FreeBSD
    2. Linux RedHat
    3. Win2k

    1. Anything related to a Mac - I had to use one for 2 years at an older job. Macs and Mac people are in their own little world and believe its everyone elses fault that they are not compatible.
    2. Windows ME - Self explanatory
    3. DOS - You want command line use Win2K

    Im viewing this as a web developer and general computer user though. I personally don't think its cool when companies dictate how your computer should run. You paid for the thing didn't you?

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    #1 - SuSE Linux, Stability, keep out of the mainstream.
    I already have gone over why i think linux is best.

    2 - Windows 98 SE, If I gotta use windows, then I think this one sucks the least. I gotta play games somehow. Compatibility.
    3 - DOS, It runs on -anything- you dont even need a freakin harddrive. It takes 30 seconds to set up.

    BSD is good, but i dont think for a home computer.


    1 - WinME, die!!!!
    2 - Win95, all revisions except OSR2., Lack of Stability, Lack of making any sence at all. stupidness...


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