Home Internet Security

Hello all ...

My name's Jeffrey Singleton, President of Home Internet Security consulting firm based in the Florida Gulf Coast.

After spendiing more than 11 years as a Microsoft certified Network Administrator ... during which I honored more than 35 small to large contracts of civilian and government sponsered company's ... I came to the realization that there are just wat to many of us and this has caused quite a bit of saturation.

So I took some time off and began working on a new idea...

With the explosion of broad-band internet services to the average home users I have found through more than 6 months of research ... that alot of people are very unaware, or simply just don't have time to care about the dangers lurking on the Internet...Well...Until its too late.

So I gathered all my knowledge gathered from working on many larger networks and began formulating methods to reach those who don't know or don't have time.

We are just about to the kick off point ... Marketing is ongoing, advertisement is slow and expensive, but we are making headroom.

I have become partners with several of the larger ISP's in FL that are offering Cable & DSL services and have made a large impact on all....

So this is my introduction ... hopefully I can add to this very soon with an astounding update showing graphical increases in business.

Thanks for your time...and do not hestitate to contact me if you need too.