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    I'm doing an essay for my US Government class (I'm in HS) on black hat hackers and white hat hackers...any information you nice people could give me on hackers and organizations related to those topics (such as websites or other helpful info) would be greatly appreciated...thx.
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    672 (cult of the dead cow) (w00w00 tiger team) (chaos computer club)
    (a whole mess of links)
    (many more links)

    hope that helps......
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    Other Sites

    Some of these are about how to hack or hacking tools.
    Some of them are about hacker culture.
    Hope this helps.

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    Examples of WhiteHats - ethical hacker team - ethical hackers

    Examples of BlackHats - virii programmers lots of links too, top 50 with lots of blackhat and whitehat sites

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