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    Question Help me tweak Tiny

    I know some of this is redundant, but there are some settings in mine that I could not find in the other posts. Just started with Tiny the other night. Here is what I have, I am fairly new to this so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Guess I don't know how to post pictures in here either, sorry.

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    I must have an old version, mine doesn't look like that.... I have version... 2.0.6. Anyway... I would just set it to max security on the slider, and check 'ask when rule not found' and just build stuff from there, and when everything seems to work, turn off the 'ask when rule not found' option. I just find it a lot easier to set it to block by default, and only specify the stuff I definitely want, and specify against the common stuff I don't want.
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