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    would running IPX/SPX behind my gateway make it any more difficult for ppl to get in to the computers on my LAN?

    Just curious
    and to lazy to try it my self

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    You may have heard this before but this will help secure your lan if you havn't heard it. Unbind everything from tcp/ip use netbeui to do your networking. PM me if you need a better explination.

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    The short answer: No

    IPX/SPX reside in the lower levels of the ISO. This means that most hacking attempts will not even need to know that it is running. Now if you are running NetWare then yes it will make it much harder for two reasons. First, someone hacking your *nix network suddenly runs into the NDS then he says wtf and leaves as most have no idea as how to crack Novell. Secondly novell is classically one of the most secure netwoks and definitely the easiest to manage, thus allowing you to spend more time posting here and pouring over router logs looking for hack attempts.

    Novell claims the top spot in remote security. Note that many *nix and openBSD systems can also be inpenetrable to date(besides strategic worms and virii of course), but NetWare is the best out of the box. Now if you are worried about workstation security you need to go with NT or Linux because ZENworks on a 9x system wont do much to deterr anyone. If people have access to the computers when they can be alone then go with Linux abd a spot welded computer case(hehe).
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