hi ,i hope you are all ok..

im a brand new member and ive just been having a quick read through some of the threads on here and i am very suprised at some of the quality info on here and there seems to be a good few peple who dont mind giving advice..

other security sites i visit is ankit fadia's and altalavist box,new order etc..i am also interested in sky/cable tv encryption and psx mods..

i have read quite a lot of tutorials over the last 18mths or so on various security issues but i have never attempted to try anything out in practice,and doubt i could get very far if i did,however i know i am a lot wiser than the average internet user who has never touched the subject..

just over a week ago a Vbulliten sky/cable tv forum that i was a member of was hacked,

i recived an email from the hacker displaying my
forum password in the body of the email, so he hacked the list of
registered users and got all their passes which i thought was pretty

the forum admin has now stated that he inteneded using UBB software
in future as it was more secure...

i am very intrested as to how he carried this out and would he have to be a good programmer or are there any known
vunrabilaties in either the Vbulliten or UBB forums....

i have been looking for info relating directly to this sort of thing for about a week but have found none...