I wish to obtain some help here. Since i am pretty computer stupid i would need it in the most simplist terms and what not. About on the level of walking a small child across the street.

What i need help with is that i am tired of getting booted and other things happening with my computer when i am in a chat room. I could understand if i was tormenting someone or somthing like that. But if i am there minding my own business i wished to be left alone and not be the butt of others jokes.

I can hold my own in the physical world but havent got a clue how to defend myself in the cyber world.

I would like to know more about how they can boot you out and what i can do to defend against that.

I know this site is trying to promote good hacking and I hope someone here can aid me on understanding more about the computer world than just the chat room, please help.