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Thread: need help

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    need help

    I wish to obtain some help here. Since i am pretty computer stupid i would need it in the most simplist terms and what not. About on the level of walking a small child across the street.

    What i need help with is that i am tired of getting booted and other things happening with my computer when i am in a chat room. I could understand if i was tormenting someone or somthing like that. But if i am there minding my own business i wished to be left alone and not be the butt of others jokes.

    I can hold my own in the physical world but havent got a clue how to defend myself in the cyber world.

    I would like to know more about how they can boot you out and what i can do to defend against that.

    I know this site is trying to promote good hacking and I hope someone here can aid me on understanding more about the computer world than just the chat room, please help.

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    More Info

    What kind of chat r u in?? is it on IRC? AOL, give more info, it all depends...

    If you were on IRC then its just a matter of an OP wanting to boot you, you cant really do much about taht.

    If it is AOL its most likely some kind of bug in the AOL program, so you might want to upgrade or something.

    Give us some more info and we can help you more.

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    I usually use yahoo chat. and if there is nothing i can do to keep them from doing that is there a way to counter them?

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    First you should not make them want to boot you out of a room??

    Second is they are using Bombers(Genocide or Intervene) and you need some protection from this!!

    Third i'm not going to give you a link to them as it only creates more idiots...

    *Answer= make friends not Enemies online
    Or stop Lurking??Maybe you said nothing in the room as you say,But this could of caused them to think your spying on them for some reason??

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    If the admin in a chat wants to boot you, there isn't much you can do about it. There are programs and patches out there that can stop them from doing that on certain chats, but I think you should try to avoid them considering they tend to piss people off. If you want them anyway, I think I remember seeing some on

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