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Thread: Don't Be A Poser

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    Exclamation Don't Be A Poser

    If anyone wants to drop me a line and learn about stuff that I know I am more than happy to share it with you. Just come straight out and say "I'm interested in learning about computers (unix, web development, the right way to pick your nose), could you help me?" and then I will probably say yes.

    Don't come to me nor anyone else asking "Are you L33t?" or "Teach me hacking".

    I believe in giving free information but not to posers.

    Also I am really dumb... and I mean really stupid, like practically retarded.

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    how do I pick my nose?

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    i wanna share thoughts on butt* picking give me a hand?

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    yes the two finger holding your breath technique works really well, demonstrated in your super cute animations.

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    i go one finger pray i don't get lost
    ok what was the er to much info

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    I like the two finger technique, but I usually get a bloody nose, so i stick to ONE

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    man, I really should start using those hip animations. let me try:

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    This is my favorite animation.

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    no i think these are better
    [gloworange]\"A hacker is someone who has a passion for technology, someone who is possessed by a desire to figure out how things work.\" [/gloworange]

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    yeah...we could sit here and do kewl little animations all day or get on with the thread...

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