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Thread: identical/Unfragmented IP Packets?

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    Lightbulb identical/Unfragmented IP Packets?

    How is it possible to send identical or unfragmented IP packets?

    I was just wondering thinking that this might be a security issue with the new router that I got. It works really good.It's a D-link with a built in firewall.

    I guess this is the only vulnerability in my router. I have heard so far. I was tottaly complexed on how someone might do this. Thinking that if this is the only vulnerability that I have maybe there is a way to alter my router using the computer.So it would make it perfect.

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    In win32

    ping -f <ip address>

    That pings with unfragmented packets, so I'm sure any other program could do the same if written to. It's just a flag in the packet.

    Identical packets could be done as well.

    The question is where would the packets go?

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