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    Talking **** the Nimda

    I got the W32/Nimda virus a little while ago and began deleting all the .eml files off of my machine in DOS (error deleting in Windows).
    I then downloaded a Nimda remover from Symantic and ran that.

    Still when I start up my computer something accesses my A: drive and something is running in MSDOS. I can figure out how to delete it, Symantic can't either.

    Anyone have a solution without paying the virus makers (McAfee) money to fix it?

    Nimda is a bitch of a virus. I didn't install Outlook or the address book and the stupid virus still got me. I guess it can be tranmitted through JavaScript on webpages.

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    Whenever you boot up a computer your CMOS access the floppy to see if there is a bootable disk. Most operating systems use autoexec.bat and the other startup files through msdos when it boots up
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    Turn off the boot-up floppy seek in windows:

    Right-click on 'My Computer'
    go to Properties
    got to the last tab on the top of the screen that comes up
    click the 'Advanced' button on the screen then make sure that boot-up floppy seek is turned off.

    Or go to Start -> Run 'msconfig'
    then select the Startup tab and see what programs run outside of the autoexec.bat file.

    Already mentioned by casper3699 is to make sure you check your autoexec.bat file to make sure something isn't trying to access it. Your autoexec.bat file will also tell you everything that runs in DOS when your PC boots up.
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    Sounds to me like there is a line in your autoexec file that references your A: drive (as mentioned by the above posts)
    Check your PATH statement for "A:"

    If that does not correct it, try looking at this article I wrote on my site (Pay close attention to Tip #6 about the StartUP places) ...hopefully that will help you
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    or you could try posting a topic whose title is in a format other than "**** the ___"

    I'm sure that would get your problem solved a lot faster :P

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    I got hit with this virus and it is not pretty. Symanntec does offer a free virus scan online.

    To fix my problem I made sure I had the most recent defs and then scanned the system. After initial scan rebooted. Ran the scan again. If clean, reboot and scan again untill you have two clean scans while rebooting after each scan.

    I was able to get the Symantec removal tool to work for me as well. I had two machines that kept getting reinfected.

    Good Luck.

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    Thanks everyone. I ended up taking out the program "msoldapp" out of my win.ini file using sysedit. Now my computer is back to normal. Im assuming this program had something to do with the virus.

    **** the **** the format.

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