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Thread: So I am just a kid, huh?

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    Originally posted here by knightmb

    Don't forget 10,000+ Efillaicoson

    Hopefully, no one will achieve this one anytime soon.
    Is there really such a thing?

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    Where the hell did stflook go?

    He was a cool guy...I miss his religious commentary.

    /me daydreams
    ...This Space For Rent.


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    Just because you dont ask stupid questions does not mean you are not a senior "juniors"lol
    i like to read,you can learn a lot more that way

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    oh man you poor thing, think about it, look at the word.
    now, i didnt know what this was untill i saw this post but do you really want this as your status? look at the word and then, imagine it in a mirror, what would it say then?

    *cough* NO SOCIAL LIFE *cough*

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    /me remembers the good old times....back in early 2001

    this thread brang back memories. hey were did stflook go? wasn't he banned a while or go for something relating to the AP system?
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    Hey I'll take the Efillaicoson status, hehehe, because I work and play with computers all the time. And 99% of my friends are all geeks, so we can still socialize in our group and be geeks. So I do'nt think it's all bad ;-)
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    That\'s why it\'s all about!

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    i remember you...

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