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Thread: help with ghostmail

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    help with ghostmail

    hi, i downloaded ghostmail13, but had a problem...could not find smtp server, so i wonder what i should put in the place of smtp

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    Question Hmmm...

    I'm not sure what you're asking here. Do you want to know what's a good SMTP server to use? If that's what you want to know, I second that question. The only server I could ever find that would work for that program, doesn't work anymore. I haven't been able to find any since.

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    First up you shouldnt be using a program like ghostmail, its lame.

    Its pretty outdated by now Id say too.

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    this is the newer of the ghost mailers.
    i would use aenima it's faster.
    what type of addy are u sending it to?

    i don't know any that work for yahoo
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    just another stupid question...the server must be that of the person i want the mail sent? for example , if im sending an anonymous email at, the name of the server i must type is ? because i succeded in sending it this waY!.and if i want to send an email at, the server must be ??, and i downloaded the last ghostmail prog u attached, but seems complicated, i got a lot of 550 messages

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    sometimes adding mail in front of the addy works other times it don't just depends i found this one by guessing

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    scagnut, thank u so much for all thr trouble u took in answering my questions. here is a conversation i had with a pal regarding fake mail with telnet. Would u care to instruct me further as to what is right and what not so right? thanks, Peter
    ( i need to understand the fact, as a certain pesron from nigeria is trying to make me give over to him some money posing as an x general !)

    takisukar: hello, im from the hacking club
    takisukar: got a minute?
    boxer48116: which one
    boxer48116: yea
    boxer48116: sure
    takisukar: how to hack, i read ur answer about hacking email,
    takisukar: im trying to learn about ghost mai,
    takisukar: got a problem with smtp servers,
    takisukar: do i need to know the server name of each addy im sending a letter?
    boxer48116: ghost mail ok
    boxer48116: the mail bomber? or just to send fake e-mail
    boxer48116: ?
    takisukar: just fake
    boxer48116: oh ok
    boxer48116: you can do this on telnet
    takisukar: u mean i can get connected to the server thru telent?
    boxer48116: connect to a internet server on port 25
    boxer48116: yea
    takisukar: u mean mail server?
    takisukar: what if i want to send an email at a yahoo account
    boxer48116: a fake email right?
    boxer48116: you can do this all on telnet
    takisukar: yes, like sending mail from the president of the usa
    takisukar: could u be a little more specific?
    takisukar: like i got the telnet screen in fron of me now, so what i do?
    takisukar: ?
    Yahoo! Messenger: boxer48116 has logged back in. (17/10/2001 at 12:29 ìì)
    boxer48116: are you there?
    takisukar: yes
    takisukar: i was sending u mess, but u did not reply
    boxer48116: I didn't get anything
    takisukar: could u be a little more specific?
    takisukar: like i got the telnet screen in fron of me now, so what i do?

    boxer48116: it might be my firewall
    boxer48116: ok
    boxer48116: Yes, I'll be a little more specfic
    boxer48116: I'm sorry I'll start from the beginning
    takisukar: im in a email server right now,
    takisukar: and i got thre help file,
    boxer48116: on port 25? on telnet?
    takisukar: right
    boxer48116: ok
    takisukar: the help file
    boxer48116: ok
    boxer48116: type rcpt and the person you want to send to and press enter
    boxer48116: then type mail from the fake name and address and press enter
    takisukar: i got the message <need mail before rcpt>
    boxer48116: ok then do that
    boxer48116: I guess on some internet servers it changes but you get the pciture
    takisukar: i got the message <polite people say helo first> !!!
    boxer48116: what no
    boxer48116: avoid saying helo
    boxer48116: ok
    takisukar: why??
    takisukar: hmm
    boxer48116: i don't know I just learn that you should avoid saying helo
    boxer48116: atleast try
    boxer48116: ok
    takisukar: o, ok
    boxer48116: after all that then type data and press enter
    boxer48116: the first line of the message will be the subject
    boxer48116: and the rest will be your letter
    boxer48116: to send letter just type "." on an empty line
    takisukar: ok
    takisukar: i got command unrecognized
    boxer48116: o
    boxer48116: well, on my telnet it's like that but if you want to know the command for yours just type help
    takisukar: do u know another name of a telnet mail server to try?
    takisukar: i got the message i need a domain name,
    takisukar: to send
    boxer48116: oh yea
    takisukar: im at the hotmail server now
    boxer48116: in the beginning you have type in the fake email address not just bob99
    takisukar: agan i got polite poeple say helo first,
    boxer48116: it should be like or something
    boxer48116: or whatever you want
    boxer48116: ok
    takisukar: mail
    boxer48116: ok
    takisukar: i do not seem to get throu, i got <need mail before rcpt> and <polite people say helo first> and< i need a domain name>
    takisukar: and i lose the connection with hotmail server in 3o seconds!! lol
    takisukar: 30
    boxer48116: yea, well just fill out all that info

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    i'll have to try that i send mail from hotmail mostly lol
    so i have no clue

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    i forget to add that the only anonymous email i managed to send, using ghostmail13, is to hotmail accounts...for some reasons, neither yahoo, nor other mail services can receive my emails!!!thou i must confess i have not tried aol

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    RCPT TO:
    SUBJECT: There is no spoon
    It is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

    You have to close with that period and hit enter.

    I connect to my isp's mail server, and am able to send mail to anywhere.

    The big problem with this is that after the revision on the SMTP protocol, the RCPT TO: tag usually doesnt work.
    The sender usually shows up blank.

    F0 0F C7 C8

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