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Thread: Change File .Ext How to

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    Change File .Ext How to

    hmmmmmmmm tried to do something listed on a site
    Change the Startup and Shutdown Screens
    and I got as far as I have changed the BMP images but now I am lost as far as how do I get them back to *.sys files. Windows Paint will not do it nor can I import them into Word and do it. It is not one of the available file save as extensions available to me. any ideas suggestions, thoughts, (or as always you can just post a note saying how stupid you think I am's alright really I am married therefore use to it) LOL

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    If you have show file extentions set then do a right click on it and rename. Rename it to logo.sys,logow.sys,logos.sys. Which ever one it is

    Hoped that helped
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