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    Thumbs up about Simon Templer

    How many of you have gone to his site lots of cool information on it. I go to all kinds of security sites and this one has it all. He gives the links to download antivirus info which programs are free which is important when first starting out. Plus the latest news on security flaws and other related news stories. Keep up the good work Simon I plan to keep going back and reading updates. To get there just read one of his postings and follow the link or type it in your self its .
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    Yeah its a pretty good site with lots of info, he usually posts relevevant info and links to his stuff which I have no objection to.

    Good work man.

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    Yeah, very good site.

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    Thank You

    I just now noticed this post.... Thank you VERY MUCH for the positive feedback....I just put it up very recently and hearing good feedback makes everything worthwhile. Thanks Again

    And if there is anything you want to see on there let me know?

    Simon Templer

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