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    Hey guys what up?? This is my first time posting on the board but I've been reading it alot lately. You guys know your ****! I'm trying to get there. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here could help me with Office XP Professional (Home Edition). I got a copy from a friend of mine and I installed in and used a crack that I find on the net. It installed fine but when I try and use Word or Excel or whatever, a message opens up right away stating the following:

    Please enter a valid product key to use this product - setup has detected that the product key is missing or invalid. You will find this 25-character key on your Certificate of Authenticity or the yellow sticker on the back of the CD Case.

    Well, I got the key from my friend and that didn't work. Then I got another key from someone else and that one didn't even work. Same error message over and over. Anybody have a clue as to what I can do?? Thank you


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    Talk to me privately and I'll take care of ya.

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    authenticode strikes again. hopefully you're not going online with a cracked XP. Microsoft is making a list... Rumor has it Lars Ulirch is in charge

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    Now, I realize this is your first post. But did the topic say 3l33t h@ck3rs who want to crack come here. This site is about security, not about your inablility to pirate software. If you need help pirating software perhaps you should find a site that deal's with those issues.
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