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Thread: How do I get online with Red Hat 7.1

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    Question How do I get online with Red Hat 7.1

    Hey I need some help I just recieved Red Hat Linux 7.1. So I kicked off Windows and put it on. I need to know how to get online.

    I keep on getting
    Error - KPPP
    KPPP can not find:
    Please make sure you have setup
    your modem device properly
    and/or adjust
    the location of the modem device on the modem tab
    the stup dialog
    Thank You.

    Ok I have a 56k PCI Voice Modem, I use dial up connection.

    How do I get online? Do I need to install it over again?
    So far I like it I just need to get online.

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    Arrow WinModems

    The problem is that most likely you have a Winmodem - a modem that offloads some of the processing work to the Windows operating system. Unfortunately, these modems will then probably not work with Linux. Look here first:

    If you determine that that site can't help you, then you will have to purchase a modem that isn't a winmodem. Your best bet is probably an external one.
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