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    Question bsd


    i wanted to try one of the bsd os -but which one should i get

    i'm intrested in working especially with php,and need a tight security .

    also if there is a good documentation for one of them.

    so what should i choose freeBSD ,netBSD or openBSD.


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    NetBSD has the least number of security bugs reported in any public forums (such as bugtraq). We believe in security without the hype. We do manual code audits and add extended checking capabilities to our toolchain. Retrieval of kernel data is geared towards a sysctl cased approach, as opposed to the traditional Unix based kmem access, which requires full access to the whole system, and is often exploited.


    Cutting edge features
    FreeBSD offers advanced networking, performance, security and compatibility features today which are still missing in other operating systems, even some of the best commercial ones.


    OpenBSD believes in strong security. Our aspiration is to be NUMBER ONE in the industry for security (if we are not already there). Our open software development model permits us to take a more uncompromising view towards increased security than Sun, SGI, IBM, HP, or other vendors are able to. We can make changes the vendors would not make. Also, since OpenBSD is exported with cryptography, we are able to take cryptographic approaches towards fixing security problems.

    Choices choices


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    if security is the issue go with openBSD it hasent had a remote hack in like 4 years. It is also really easy to use. You can compile just about anything to run on it.

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