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Thread: Red Hat 7.1 Firewall Box

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    Question Red Hat 7.1 Firewall Box

    Does any one out there know how to build a linux firewall box using Red hat 7.1

    I have a 586 Pentium
    Red Hat 7.1 Professional
    two 10 based NICs
    850 MB harddrive
    32 megs ram or as much as needed

    I need to know how to set one up for dialup networking and another one for cable modem.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    The Linux Router Project is very sweet. Not RedHat 7.1, but all it needs is a floppy and it does everything you want it to do.

    Also there is another floppy distribution with the 2.4 kernel and a web interface to set up the config file. I've never tried that, but it looks very promising:

    If you want to set things up like Snort or webpages, etc. then just install RedHat and grab one of many programs to help you set up ipchains like ipmenu:
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    Use IPCHAINS and Snort would be your best bet. and

    The IPChains link has a really good how to and step by step explanation of IPCHAINS.

    For the Cable Modem you might want to look into setting up a gateway with a simple 386 if you are not using this 586 for a gateway. I am still learning about this but from numerous sources this is far better than a router. It would aslo teach you a lot about setting up a simple network structure.

    The Gateway is only a suggestion that was passed to me and may be a little much for what you want but a good experience none the less.

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    Casper, if you've got red hat installed on that box already and both the nic's working then your halfway there already!
    Firstly, i wouldn't use ipchains, iptables are, imho, much better and a lot more robust - if you need to use ipchains for any reason you can do this with iptables through loadable compatability modules. You may already have iptables installed if your using red hat 7.1, type "which iptables" as root to see if you have (it should be noted that only kernels 2.4.x use iptables, try "uname -a" to see what kernel your running) - if they aren't there then it should be as simple as typing "urpmi iptables" - but it might not be - i'm a debian man so i use "apt-get".
    Theres too much to go into on the configuration side of things - for that i'll direct you to my good friend google -

    Of course this is no good if you haven't got connectivity - for my cable modem all i need to do to connect is "dhcpcd etho"(replace eth0 with whatever nic you modems' plugged into) and that grabs an ip address from my isp - it could be different for you though, and you have to watch out for little fiobles that could trip you up - my provider doesn't give out ip's if you request through pump for example - that had me stumped for a while. As for setting up ppp have a look here for help on doing it with linuxconf.

    There is so much more i would like to tell you, but i'm in work at the moment so if you let me know more specifically what you need i'll do my best to help later on.

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