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Thread: just curious

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    Smile just curious

    How long have some of you been working on computers?

    I have for about 10 years
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    I've been doing it for just under 2.5 years, but I only have a job in computers during the summer. Damn high school gets in the way.

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    Im currently in my 3rd Year of college and I've been working with computers for about 9 or 10 years. . . The 1st computer I ever had was a Commador 64. . . I think they still rock. . . lmao. . .

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    i have been working with computers for six years(since I was 11) and high school really does get in the way, but you learn a lot of packet sniffing and dns stuff in it.

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    Well, let's see. Since my first Texas Instruments TI99/4a. LMAO

    I guess that was about 1982 or so. (Wow, has it really been 20 years?)

    That was a mean machine running a 16 bit processor at a blazing 3MHz. I had the Peripherial Expansion Box (PEB) with a whopping 64K of RAM. Had to load programs from a cassette deck (untill I got the FDD).

    I actually used this puter when I started my first business. It ran Microsoft MulltiPlan (a spreadsheet) from a plug-in ROM module. I used it for basic sales and finance figures.

    Had a great Dot-Matrix printer attached and a 300 baud modem.

    Damn, seems like just yesterday.

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    well see... Been working on them since I was 13 and am 18 now... Rather tired *grabs some caffine pills from yours truely (think geek)* but if my math is right... 5 years.

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    its been approx. 7 years , now its been a part of my life i start my PC first in the morning then i do other work.

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    Thumbs up Ahhh yes, the TI-99/4A

    --> I too fondly remember the TI-99/4A, my first computer, back in about 1982-1983. Quite a fun thing, to take about 5 minutes to load a 24K program in TI BASIC from that tape deck. Remember the plug in speech synthesizer? That was the ****. Before that, I learned on the TRaSh-80s from Radio Shack at school, running a hefty 4K of RAM, running ten-line programs on a fuzzy CRT, all in one easy-to-carry 30 lb. plastic-encapsulated beast. Those indeed were the days...

    --> From the loss of the TI-99/4A at a yard sale in 1989, it hasn't been until one month ago that i have owned a computer. I guess it's been about a year since i first got online, through my local library "insta-crash" terminals. My how things have changed!

    --> I don't "work" on a computer currently--never have--but hope to make a living someday soon. I'm learning quickly though, and would make a good addition to your company real soon-like! [shameless plug of nascent talent]
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    am the youngest in this class! only 5 months old... pl. don't ask me how much i know ...
    am still learning.....

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    Longer than I can remember.

    I remember my first connection to the Net was through a dumb terminal and a modem. Typing the AT commands manually. Cranking up PINE for mail. WWW was still a pipe dream ( hehe I remember when HTML was introduced).

    Ah, the good ole days.


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